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44 people attended to PEACE LANGUAGE Workshops from METU Alumni Association (2014-2015)


​Some of the comments from participants:


I don’t easily say ‘perfect’ when evaluating. Because there is always a better one. However, Sezer Aksoy’s ‘Peace Language Workshop’ was unbelievable. While I was thinking to see an average presentation, the question was in my mind, emotions were in my soul... etcetera, all popped up. So much that I directed many questions to Miss Sezer. What a patience! She tried to manage all questions. Actually, what we asked was what she was going to tell us for the rest of the presentation. Because of Ikebana teachings and my curiosity of personal development giving me self-reflexivity, I myself came to a point where I stand in front of a steep hill needing a little push. At this very point, Miss Sezer has been sent to me. When I am in trouble, there has always been someone to guide me or an event widens my horizon. This time it was Miss Sezer. Questions she asked, what she told revealed ‘lifelong traumas I had’ -in other words- unfulfilled needs. While I was trying to find out why I was getting angry so quickly for the last two years (after becoming building manager), the rest followed quickly and easily: it showed that unfulfilled needs made me frustrated starting from my childhood The Peace Language Workshop is a workshop teaching how to find answers to questions and problems of many.

I would like to thank Sezer Aksoy to make me look at the world more joyful manner. 

ÇİĞDEM ASARKAYA / Marketing Manager

With one world only: ‘A real awareness experience...’ I am very thankful to Miss Sezer and I sincerely advise this work to ones who are interested.  


GÜL ERGÜL / Life Coach


I participated in the Peace Language Workshop with my husband. Although I am used to these kinds of trainings because I work as a Professional life coach myself, my husband had no experience before. While the workshop continued, I realized that we had started developing a common language and became aware about our ‘judgment’ habit, which is a source of many problems. Now, when one asks ‘is this an observation’ to another, we come to senses immediately. 

I wish the awareness I gained in the core institution family spread in circles to institutions, schools... I can’t help thinking how different Turkey would be today. 

Thanks Sezer, thank you very much.




If they want me to tell you Sezer; I would say ‘it is the girl who took us to the world of PEACE LANGUAGE’. Peace Language and communication seminar of sincere, natural Sezer who never stops learning was smooth. The seminar was about 4 basic rules.

There is a lot to share. But it can’t happen just by telling, experience is needed. In brief, ‘Get on the way with her and discover her world of full of peace together’.


DEMET ÖZBEN / TEB Information and Project Manager


I found out the secret of people who always stay calm in any situation, express themselves crystal clear and how they can possibly get the answers they want to hear in business and social life at Peace Language Workshops. 

You should definitely experience what would be so much easier with our own will and behavioral patterns while learning patterns and factors out of our reach are making our lives difficult.


Thanks to Sezer Aksoy for having me meet this approach and sharing her valuable knowledge. 


AHMET ERGÜL / Civil Engineer


To be honest, I took the workshop out of curiosity. But from the first moment on, Sezer created such a humanistic and realistic environment that I was enchanted. After that I never missed a class. In order not to miss the classes, I didn’t go to the concerts although I bought the tickets months ago with excitement. I am glad I didn’t go. 

Now I am looking into life with my new glasses. Even I surprised myself when I stay calm against situations, which used to drive me crazy.


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