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Peace Language Approach to Mobbing

Mobbing (Psychological Abuse at Workplace) is an emotional attack on people by misusing a current position or authority systematically as violence, pressure, abuse, insult and threats. It starts with a person being targeted by disrespectful and harmful behavior and continues with employer’s finger pointing and mockery aiming at creating a hostile environment for the employee to quit. 

People who are subjected to mobbing become unproductive with the harm they receive. As studies have shown us the shortest lasting mobbing period is 6 months, while generally it lasts 15 months and the 29-46 months are the periods where longstanding harmful effects occur. 

Along with the direct cost of mobbing, which is loss of job and safety dimension of the situation; it is a heavy one too because of the spiritual and psychical damage made upon individuals. The indirect cost of this is the low efficiency and decrease in product quality along with loss of credibility of the company/institution and decrease in the number of the customers. The surplus of a disturbed worker is much less than an average trouble free worker. The loss of laborforce due to sickness is the reason of big economic losses in national economies. 


We say ‘Peace Language at Workplace!’ as a solution to high cost mobbing at workplaces.


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