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We performed the Peace Language Seminar with the joint program of Adana Rotary and Çukurova Education Faculty ‘Community Leaders Are Coming’. (2015)

34 students and administrators attended to the two days long interactive seminar.


Some of the participants’ comments are:


HÜSEYİN AYGÜN / Social Studies Teacher


I found out that the things that the heart desire should not stay there. It should be expressed out as it is.


SİNEM SEĞMEN / Art Teacher


There is one Sinem that I see but there are other ‘Sinems evaluated’ by others that see me.


OĞULKAN YALTIRIK / Sınıf öğretmenliği

There is always another facet we need to see and we need to listen to our inner voice.

MEHTAP MERCAN / Primary School Teacher

I was so focused into the brain that I had to remember that I had a heart. I found out that the power we hold should not be undermined by the society. Endless thanks.


EZGİ DENİZ TAŞTEKİN / Kindergarten Teacher

I realized here that I judged people and while doing it I became aware of not really thinking about their needs and emotions. Thank you very much for initiating the awareness. 

NAZİFE ZAMBAK / Psychological Counseling

You made me realize the judgments I made. Now I think that I can observe the needs standing behind the negative communication. Even the one word having said or thought is very important for me.  Thank you.

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