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Peace Language Grammar

Peace Language is a language of returning to the essence, which brings us back to the compassion that we grew away in our nature. It also helps us connecting with ourselves and other people.

Peace Language is an effective method to be used in every aspect of our private life: in family, in school environment, at organizations and institutions, in therapy and counseling, at business and diplomatic meetings, in any kind of disagreement and conflict.

It focuses our mind into 4 areas. Thus, it guides us through listening to others and expressing ourselves.


 These 4 areas are:
* What we observe
* What we feel 
* What we need
* What we want to enrich in our lives. 



  • What is Peace Language Grammar?

  • Observation or Evaluation?

  • Emotion or Thought?

  • Unity of Emotions

  • Do unexpressed feelings disappear? 

  • What are emotions for? 

  • Does Taking Good emotions/Getting rid of Bad emotions work?

  • Reconnecting with Emotions.   

  • My Connection with the world: My needs... 

  • Connection with my own needs. But how? 

  • Is it possible to live without blaming others or taking blame? 

  • Enjoying connection with my needs. 

  • Request or Demand?

 If you also say...

  • I am blaming either myself or the other side after every violent communication.

  • I can’t live my relationships satisfactorily and realiably.

  • I can’t overcome my anger and frustration.

  • I can’t say ‘No’ to the fear of losing.

  • I have trouble in making connections with my feelings and others’ feelings.

  • I don’t know what I need to live in inner peace and in piece of mind. 

  • How can I better collaborate and relate to others?


We invite you to introductory ‘Peace Language Seminar’. 

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