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Corporate Sessions

Have you ever thought about how many working days in a year have been spent for inter-relational conflicts instead of people doing their jobs efficiently? 

What would happen to the efficiency and profitability of the corporation if let’s say 10 % of resources of the energy spent for conflict resolution have been regained?

The main target of the Peace Language course is to increase the performance of your corporation/institution.

All content of the training is applied by being customized according to the needs, wants and structures of your institution.

Peace Language Approach to Mobbing

Mobbing (Psychological Abuse at Workplace) is an emotional attack on people by misusing a current position or authority systematically as violence, pressure, abuse, insult and threats. It starts with a person being targeted

 Peace Language Grammar

Peace Language is a language of returning to the essence, which brings us back to the compassion that we grew away in our nature. 

Peace Langugage:

"Observation" Workshop

Giving and taking in compassion is our true nature. Unfortunately, we have learnt ways of communication that push us to speak in an offensive way both against others...

Peace Language: 

"Feelings" Workshop

The second component that we need for Peace Language is emotions. We can bound with each other easier by establishing a vocabulary of perceiving and expressing our emotions...

Peace Language:

"Needs" Workshop

The third step of Peace Language is to make a connection with needs behind the emotions. The judgments, criticism, analysis and opinions that we make are our alienated needs and values.

Peace Language: 

"Request" Workshop

The fourth component of Peace Language revolves around the question of what we can request from each other to enrich our lives. The purpose of Peace Language is not to change people or behaviors in order...

Dialoge with My Anger

As all emotions, ANGER exists out there in order to play a vital role. 

Two preconditions for peace and serenity are: to know my boundaries and defend it when it is intruded.

'Peace Language is Spoken at This School' Program ® 

The main motivations of today’s schooling systems are built upon who is right/who is wrong and compliance to the authority, are obligations, duties, punishment/reward and guilt/shame.

'Peace Language is Spoken at This Institution’ Program ®

We see that the main motivation of today’s super competitive business life, which is built upon, who is right/who is wrong and compliance to the authority, happen to be obligations, duties, punishment/reward and guilt/shame.


Peace Language at the Workplace Conflicts' Resolution 

The main motivations in today’s work environment, which is built upon taking what you want and compliance to the authority, fierce competition, who is right/who is wrong are comparisons, 

Peace Language for the Harmony between X-Y  Generation

X generation is the ones born in between 1965 and 1979. The oldest is 52 and the youngest is 38 years old. X generation members have been described as obedient, respecting the authority, loyal, and hard

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