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'Peace Language is Spoken at This Institution’ Program ®


"Bu Okulda Barış Dili Konuşulur." ® 


We see that the main motivation of today’s super competitive business life, which is built upon, who is right/who is wrong and compliance to the authority, happen to be obligations, duties, punishment/reward and guilt/shame.  

  • Making strong connections with a common language over all associates at your school,

  • Living in respect, understanding and collaboration at your corporation,

  • Building more efficient environment by keeping the conflicts at minimum,

  • Creating a environment where trust, compassion and empathy comes forward,

  • Contributing to societal change/transformation;


Do they increase your success?

If you say Yes, the key word is ‘Peace Language’…

The main mission of ‘Peace Language Is Being Spoken At this Institution’ is to realize institutional work environments step by step where everyone is in contact with oneself and others from heart by seeing, hearing and fulfilling everyone’s needs.

Would you like to......?


  • Be a volunteer producer without any enforcement systems,

  • Observe the conflict from a distance while you are in it,

  • Know which state of emotions you and your friends are going through and what it is needed,

  • Live peace and tranquility in all relationships,

  • Be skillful in the areas of problem solving, conflict management, leadership and conciliation.


If you want to gather further information about the details for ‘Peace Language is Spoken at this School’ Program, you can give us a call and/or use the forms below in order to contact us.

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