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Peace Langugage: "Observation" Workshop

Giving and taking in compassion is our true nature. Unfortunately, we have learnt ways of communication that push us to speak in an offensive way both against others and ourselves, which alienates us from life and takes us away from our compassionate nature. One of the ways of alienation from life is to evaluate people who have different morals than ours and to evaluate them with our moralistic judgments implying what they do is right or wrong. The language of ‘finding a flaw’ which includes ‘should’ and ‘must’ brings us into the state of ‘good slaves and yes-men’, which also prevents us realizing our feelings and needs.

In this workshop, we have the focus on the very first step of Peace Language, which is making OBSERVATION. We all together experience the things that we see, hear, touch and things affecting us crystal clear without making any evaluations and judgments about it. 


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