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Non-Violent Communication – A Language of Life
Marshall B. Rosenberg

A language of Life

In order to enjoy fulfilling and powerful relationships in all aspects of life...

Non-violent communication guides us to put a new frame into expressing ourselves and listening to others and to hear the deepest needs in our relationships. 

Speak Peace in a World of Conflict
Marshall B.Rosenberg

Peace language is full of experiments and experiences of conciliation work in the most violent places of earth along with inspiring stories. In the book, you will find inclusive chapters about acceptance, tolerance, gratitude and transformation of enemy pictures, authoritarian structures, business culture and conflict resolution.

Emotionally Absent Mother
Jasmin Lee Cori

“Jasmin Lee Cori tells the effects of bad mothering and how to cope with it with compassion in a sparkly manner. Her perspective is priceless for new mothers who want to raise a kid in a loving environment, grownup sons and daughters who want to fill the emptiness in their heart feeling for a long time and clinical psychologists who wants to understand the wounds and interested in healing them.” -Dr. EVELYN BASSOFF, Psychotherapist

The Drama of the Gifted Child
Alice Miller

We have learned from our experience that we have a very important tool that we can always use when struggling with mental illnesses. This tool is that we can emotionally grasp the reality of our unique childhood story  and reach it through our emotions… But can we completely save ourselves from our illusions? Each life is filled with illusions; which, I think, is because the truth often seems unbearable to us. Nevertheless, the truth is so indispensable for us that we pay the price of not having arrived there, as heavy illnesses. For this reason, we are trying to discover the truth knowing that it will hurt until it opens the doors of a new freedom field for us after a long process... Or, not being able to stand it, we are satisfied with only a cognitive level of understanding. But if we do this, then it is not possible for us to get rid of the field of our illusions.

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