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I graduated from the Department of Management at METU in 1986. I started my career in the Central Bank of The Republic of Turkey as a “Banks Supervision Expert”. Later, I continued my career as “Economical Research Expert” at Türkiye Is Bankasi. Following that in 1990 I moved to Istanbul for the sake of the love for Istanbul, both leaving the finance sector and the city I grew up, Ankara and started to work in I-BIMSA as a “Financial and Human Resource Systems Advisor” for the Sabanci firms. In 1996, I started my ongoing journey of entrepreneurship with taking a certification from a project at the World Bank and establishing Karum Consultancy Company. At this time being, I designed many projects for strengthening national and international competitiveness of SMEs. I am still a certified advisor at the International Trade Center and take place in different international projects. I initiated different projects about supporting women entrepreneurship and I am a member of KAGIDER (Woman Entrepreneur Turkey) and WeCONNECT International and Global Women Leaders Network(GWLN).


With Karum, I have designed educational programs as to render management consultancy, training services, problem solving, effective communication, team building, sales and marketing. I attended to the BMS -Business Management System- program for obtaining Global Competitiveness to SMEs which was started to be given in 2000 by Foreign Trade Promotion Center / IGEME and supported by UN / UNCTAD / ITC– International Trade Centre and I got the SME competitiveness consultant and trainer certificate in 2001. I attended Transactional Analysis trainings arranged by EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis). 


My path crossed with non-violent communication 8 years ago while attending one of the Vivet  Alevi’s introductory seminars. Today I continue attending local and international ‘Non-Violent Communication’ trainings. I am still in the process of certification.

As an individual effort to decrease the prevailing violence in the world, I exclusively develop and apply Peace Language trainings according to the needs of individuals and companies by realizing my project at the PEACE LANGUAGE CENTER.

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